Adult Learners and Immigrants in State Digital Equity Plans: An Analysis of Ten State Digital Equity Plan Drafts

This report from World Education's Transforming Immigrant Digital Equity (TIDE) project examines the drafts of ten State Digital Equity Plans with a focus on the meaningful inclusion of adult education and immigrant inclusion.

The overwhelming majority of adult learners and immigrants are members of multiple covered populations prioritized under the Digital Equity Act of 2021. As trusted and experienced providers, both adult education programs and immigrant serving organizations are critical to closing the digital divide for individuals with a language barrier.

In this analysis, we aim to:

  1. Identify how state digital inclusion activities will serve adult learners and immigrants;
  2. Identify how adult education and immigrant inclusion organizations serve as implementation partners, community outreach partners, and subject matter experts in state digital inclusion activities; and
  3. Highlight innovative and collaborative best practices for serving adult learners and immigrants, especially as states begin planning for the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant. 

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