Developing Women Leaders through Community Radio in Senegal

In Senegal, women represent a small percentage of those in decision-making positions at local, regional, and national levels. This technical brief focuses on World Education’s journalism and radio station management programs, which enable women to produce radio content and engage the community in important dialogues. Women can also participate in income-generating activities and a community health insurance program. The brief highlights a number of positive outcomes that have occurred in communities where World Education has implemented the journalism and radio programs. It also identifies barriers that contribute to the lack of women’s participation in Senegal’s local leadership positions. World Education, with the support of USAID and in collaboration with local partner ARLS (Association Rurale pour la Lutte Contra la SIDA), has been managing the Women’s Leadership and Civic Journalism program in rural Senegal since October 2010. World Education, 2013.

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