Jen Vanek

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Director of Digital Learning and Research, US

Boston, MA

Jen Vanek, PhD, is a researcher, teacher educator, and professional learning facilitator who focuses on digital literacy, online learning, classroom technology integration, and English literacy and language learning at EdTech Center@World Education. Her projects include collaboration with Urban Institute and the National Center for Workforce Education in guidance of the Career and Technical College CoLab’s, and partnering with Portland State University’s Literacy, Language and Technology Research group to understand characteristics of effective 21C workplace learning. Jen is as co-principal investigator on two US Department of Education/Institute for Education Sciences research projects on technology use in adult education. 


Digital Resilience in the American Workforce: Instructional Approaches and Practices

Digital Resilience in the American Workforce: Findings from a National Landscape Scan on Adult Digital Literacy Instruction

How Investment in Technology can Accelerate Collective Impact in Adult Learning

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